ICSU World Data System

World Data System, WDS was created at 29st General Assamblee of International Council of Science, ICSU. WDS succeeds World Data Centers, WDC concept with more than half century history, as well as former FAGS (Federation of Astronomical and Geophysical data-analysis Services).

WDS is a global interdisciplinary network with comprehensive and accurate data of outstanding quality.

Russian node of ICSU-WDS is formed at geographical dept. of Moscow State University as separetely run unit& Chair of the task group - professor Vladimir Tikunov. 

Russian Centre of geographic data is formed on the MSU Faculty of Geography as a separate structure - the center of the world system data on geography. Head of the center - prof. Vladimir Tikunov. Russian Research Group "Neogeography", "FOC-GIS" and other companies are work closely with Russian node of ICSU-WDS.

Main competence of the unit are:

  • geography;
  • structure and dynamic of environmental systems;
  • sustainable development;
  • "human geography" of Russia as well as whole World;
  • interference of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere;
  • cartography, geoinformatics and remote sensing;
  • geographical and geoecological education

 Main present and prospective directions of research